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Existing Members - Renew Online

Our Renewal Date has changed to the 30th April. We are open for renewals from 1st April - 1st June. Outside of this period please conact the office in advance. Read the following carefully as it will assist in facilitating a speedy renewal 


IMPORTANT: If you wish to change your membership type please do the following before renewing:

  • contact the office and advise that you wish to renew but as a different member type.
  • Your record will be amended to reflect your new membership type.
  • You will be advised that you can log in and renew under the new membership type. 

This applies primarily to: 

  • Students who are upgrading to Professional membership.
  • Non practising members returning to practise.
  • Professional members that are taking a break and wish to be registed as non practising. 

Existing members: If you are an existing member you can log in  to renew your membership (provided it is unchanged, otherwise see above).  


Former member: If you are a former member and would like to rejoin please email It may be possible to reactivate an existing profile rather than having to reapply.